Our approach grew out of 20 years and 700k+ hours of experience driving transformational change for businesses through frontline leader development and operational improvements.


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Definity University is the training arm of Definity Partners. We develop empowered, proactive leaders through experiential learning programs built from experience, delivered by experts, and designed for IMPACT.

Investing in your talent isn’t an ‘add-on.’ Its the key to building a positive culture of proactive improvement.


Frontline Leadership Training

With 80% of the workforce reporting to a front line leader, investing in their success is the key to driving continuous improvement and building a culture that attracts and retains top talent.

We equip new and future leaders with the confidence to deliver quick wins on the shop floor and support long-term business strategies by building high performance, improvement-oriented teams.

Our approach was reverse engineered on the basis of twenty years of experience working with frontline leaders and asking “what went well?” Cultivating the right skills and behaviors in your leaders is the key to building a confident front line capable of running the business on their own.

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Invest in top performers
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Integrated Training Solutions

Training and development programs make the greatest impact when they are developed in response to your unique context. We work across all levels of your organization to help identify a strategic path for short-term impact and long-term sustainment. 


Are your training initiatives aligned with your short and long-term business strategies?
How do you ensure that experiences in the classroom are carried through to deliver lasting results in the office or on the shop floor? 
How do you know when to outsource your training versus developing or customizing your own on-site programs?


We can fill your training gaps with our public courses, design comprehensive solutions for on-site delivery at your facility, integrate learning paths with existing training systems, or any,thing in between.

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Public Courses + Events

Develop a positive, proactive workforce that drives improvement initiatives and delivers the performance, quality, and consistency your business and your customers deserve.

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Experiential Learning

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