Its all about RESULTS

We start with the skills, behaviors, and systems that have proven most successful in the field and on the shop floor.
We then support the continued development of those skills with custom learning paths and certifications that provide participants with guided project support and leadership coaching in their work areas.
We distill them into their core components then package them up into hands-on learning experiences that are designed to stick.


The Definity University Campus

Three Environments  |  Three Learning Styles

Our lectures are never just lectures. The primary teaching area lays the groundwork for skills that we practice through simulations and group activities. This space is also regularly used for private meetings and offsite events for our clients and partners.


Steps from the classroom by a few steps and a door is a live manufacturing operation. Our partnership with aluminum ramp manufacturer Upside provides opportunities to bring hands-on learning to a whole new level.

Why just talk about waste reductions? Students in our Frontline Leader Certificate program take a waste walk on the shop floor and practice leadership skills by critiquing [and sometimes leading] the Upside daily huddle. Learn more about UPSIDE.



In addition to our classroom space we have a flexible corner of the Upside shop floor reserved for group activities and production simulations.


Certification + Custom Integration

We work with organizations to drive continuous learning and proactive improvement into company culture. Our hands-on programs deliver measurable results but for larger impact and lasting change it is important to follow training with on-the-job support.

Solutions range from coaching and post-class certifications to comprehensive training strategy, development, and execution.


Participants can practice skills on-the-job with post-training support from a Definity coach. Build confidence and reinforce new competencies while delivering meaningful improvements in your work area.


Work with our team to eliminate training gaps, improve capabilities, develop new programs, or develop strategies that integrate training initiatives with company culture and business objectives.


Expert Facilitators

The experience and skill of our facilitators is a core component to our programs. Stories, examples, and case studies are never hypothetical — they grow from 20 years of experience delivering results and transformation from shop floor to president’s office.

Experiential Learning

Training isn’t about information, its about learning experiences that develop confidence and skill. Our courses are designed with a bias toward action, balancing classroom presentations with hands-on activities, break out sessions, role play, and production simulations.