Frontline Leader Certificate

80% of the workforce reports to a frontline leader.

The single most important thing you can do to impact employee engagement and satisfaction is invest in their success.

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About the Course

The Definity University Frontline Leader Certificate Program teaches Frontline Leaders nine fundamental leadership competencies focused on PERFORMANCE, PROCESS, and PEOPLE.


Participants learn new skills and tools they can begin using the day they return to work. A dynamic curriculum suits multiple learning styles and reinforces learning through a balance of classroom sessions, hands-on activities, breakout sessions, and immediate application in our learning lab and onsite live manufacturing facility.


 Definity University’s Frontline Leadership programs are delivered by operations experts with a proven record of developing people and driving improvement to deliver breakthrough results.

What do the most successful frontline leaders have in common?

In 2015, six of us sat down together and set out to answer that question.

20 years of developing leaders and driving transformative change gives us a pretty good sense of what great frontline leadership looks like. We boiled it down to NINE key competencies in THREE AREAS.

New Behaviors. New Skills. New Confidence.


Develop talent and skills in your team

Understand and practice trust-building behaviors

Provide meaningful feedback and recognition


Drive process improvements and waste reduction; navigate the interdependence of processes and departments

Leading improvement-oriented daily huddles

Proactively drive a safety-first mindset


Use coaching to create an empowered team

Set and deliver on high expectations and standards

Lead with confidence and face challenges calmly and decisively



Two full days (7:30a – 4:30p)

Facilitated classroom sessions

Breakout sessions

Learning lab simulation

Immediate application in onsite manufacturing facility

Optional followup certification to validate learning and amplify impact


Beneath the traits of the best frontline leaders are core behaviors that can be learned and practiced. 

Our hear it, see it, do it approach suits multiple learning styles, helps new ideas stick, and lays the groundwork for new behavioral habits.

Taking this highly interactive approach ensures that participants return to work ready to make an immediate impact.


Continue the experiential learning on the job with the direct support and guidance of a Definity coach. Reinforcing skills within the context of the daily work environment amplifies the impact of the training, builds confidence, and raises the standard within your organization.

The Frontline Leader is the hardest role in any company. There’s nobody to delegate things to. You are it! A Frontline Leader’s job isn’t just to motivate employees, but to inspire them!

Ray Attiyah
Run Improve Grow